All About TKO Coin (Tokocrypto Coin)

What Is TKO coin?

Tokocrypto, the number one crypto asset trader in Indonesia, officially presents the TKO Coin(TKO). Indonesia's first local crypto project to provide the unique hybrid token-utility model CeFi and Indonesia, the crypto, assets are becoming an increasingly attractive investment alternative. Moreover, there are currently hundreds of types of crypto assets. Of the 290 million people in Indonesia, the number of crypto assets investors in Indonesia is still at two million, or slightly larger than the number of Indonesia stock investors. As one of the regulated crypto asset traders in Indonesia, Tokocrypto inaugurated Indonesia's first local crypto project called TKO coin (TKO).

Tokocrypto CEO Pang Xue Ka said, “ Tokocrypto is in a unique position to combine the benefits of CeFi and Defi. By presenting TKO, they want to offer a solution for the Indonesian market. “We want to build an 'Indonesian Strategy, ' for the Indonesian people, where this solution can reach everyone,” said Xue Ka.

TKO will not only provide financial services, but will also cover other areas, such as supply chain management, privacy, data protection and artwork through the form of an NFT. “By being built on the Binance Smart Chain, this will help us realize the limitless potential that we can achieve through blockchain technology,” he said.

TKO uniqueness

TKO also combines every advantage of the two worlds in blockchain, namely CeFi and DeFi. In the CeFi TKO utility it can be used in savings programs such as TKO Deposit, TKO Rebate, TKO Savings and TKO Cashback.

On the DeFi platform, TKO can also be used in farming pools and lending. In addition, TKO itself will become the backbone of the NFT Market, which can be used as payment for the TKO NFT Arcade / Marketplace, a market for digital collectibles and creative assets from new artists.

Why TKO coin Have Potential?

Binance, the largest crypto asset exchange by trading volume, supports the crypto asset TKO coin (TKO) made by Tokocrypto. The TKO, which will be published on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, be designed with a variety of benefits, including lending services.

TKO is claimed to be the first crypto asset in the CeFi and DeFi (Centralized Finance and Decentralized Finance) sector from Indonesia to be published on the blockchain made by Binance. “Indonesia is one of the most active BSC communities. We hope that this collaboration with Tokocrypto will provide support to blockchain projects and promote the adoption of crypto assets in Indonesia, “said Xiaoguang, BSC Ecosystem Coordinator in a recent statement.BSC ( Binance Smart Chain)is proven to provide low transaction fees, fast transaction speeds, reliable service and easy to use.That advantage, said Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto, can empower a new generation of blockchain-based financial products.

This can be applied in the growing fintech industry in Indonesia. “ Binance has always been our strong supporter at Tokocrypto. Through this closer collaboration, he hopes that it will be able to encourage crypto adoption through TKO to more areas in Indonesia. This will also allow us to leverage the human resources, and support throughout the BSC ecosystem, ” said Pang Xue Kai.

How To Buy TKO Coin?

TKO coin will be launch at 7 April 2021 at Binance and Tokocrypto. But you can buy it at binance launchpad, check this post for more detail :